Indian School's Education

How to Improve Quality of Education in Schools of India?

Primary Education:

The role of primary education to strengthen the society is very important. The primary education in the school which starts from class 1 to 8. Purpose of this education good character building of the student in a positive way. No doubt in India government provides equal opportunities for government and private sector schools. Lots of programs are also introduced to improve the quality of good education in schools. But most of the programs are not well implemented by the government level schools. The overall goals of education include filling the gender equality gap in society by promoting primary education in Education in India.


Right of Free and Compulsory Education:

The Indian government must provide a justiciable framework for government sector schools. Because education is the basic right of every child. Children who are under the age of 5 to 13 they must be given free education in schools with free books and uniform. Each year most of the people in India do not provide the right to education for their children just because of stress, the anxiety, and poor living conditions. So government reforms must be implemented to provide the equitable quality of education.

Enjoyable Education:

We know that students who belong to the primary level they are quite young and need too much take care and attention of teachers. So teachers must make the primary education enjoyable as much as possible for students.


To improve the quality of education in schools we need to introduce more playgrounds in schools and well-designed classroom with art and other decorations. Schools must provide the atmosphere for students where they do not only learn but also established the better mental and physical development.


Professional Teachers:

The teacher is considered the important element of the class. The teacher is one who set the tone of class in a standardized way. Only a teacher set the environment of the class and solve the student problems. So it is compulsory institutes provide processionals and skillful teachers for the character building of the students. Test series for NEET on upswinglearning are providing skillful, professional, and experienced teacher guidance for medical exam preparation.


Infrastructure Quality:

Furnished classrooms, laboratories, computer labs, and furniture are the basic infrastructure of the classroom. Which is missing in government sector schools? Poor infrastructure always has lower achievement scores as compared to better infrastructure schools. So Government must facilitate the government sector schools best quality of infrastructure.

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